"I am excited about the work and the training at HAIDLMAIR"

A conversation with metalwork technology apprentice Christian D. about his apprenticeship proves that apprentices are happy and receive very good, solid training at HAIDLMAIR:
Why did you choose this job?
After the introduction I was very excited about the work and applied for a job immediately. Working here is very different to going to school - much more interesting for me.


What can a novice expect at HAIDLMAIR?

Throughout the first few months you learn filing and do a lot of manual work, then you learn to operate machines. The vocational school taking place in Steyr in blocks is also new.


Can you describe an apprentice's typical workday?

A regular workday starts at 7.00am. You either work in the apprentice-workshop or in the various departments. Depending on the work, you work alone or in a team. At the milling machines, for example, you work alone, in assembly you work as part of a team.


What is the working atmosphere like? How is the relationship with the lecturers and between apprentices and qualified experts?

The working atmosphere is excellent. I get along very well with everyone including the apprentice instructors. They are very friendly, helpful and understanding. You can learn a lot from them.


What do you like best at HAIDLMAIR?

I like the employee benefits, in particular the company vacation very much; also, the new machines in the apprentice-workshop are certainly better and more modern than in other firms.


What advice would you give to other young people before they start this apprenticeship?

The introduction is a good opportunity to get an impression of this job and to see whether you are interested in such an apprenticeship or not.
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