A business is only as good as its employees; therefore HAIDLMAIR attaches great importance to sound training consisting of a mix of theory and practice. The practical work is accompanied by several hours of specialist theoretical training per week. By means of this training and highly qualified trainers HAIDLMAIR offers its "young generation" a good introduction to the precision technique of toolmaking.


The modern machinery is of utmost importance in the apprentice-workshop too. Here we put particular emphasis on state-of-the-art machines in the milling sector with the aim of easing the transition from the apprentice-workshop into regular production.


At HAIDLMAIR apprentices are integrated into the production process early on and work in the various departments on the basis of a rotation in order to put into practice what they have learned.


If we have awakened your interest in an apprenticeship at HAIDLMAIR, our Head of training, Wolfgang Eisterlehner, would be delighted to welcome you to an "introduction day" for school-leavers. In the course of this introduction, you will be able to hand in your application, sit your entrance examination and convince us of your skills and motivation. Join HAIDLMAIR's "young generation" and apply today.


Apprenticeships at HAIDLMAIR:
Metalwork technology (main module: toolmaking technology)
Dual apprenticeship metalwork technology & technical design
Information technology
Electrical engineering technician
Office administrator


Contact & Info:

Wolfgang Eisterlehner, 07587/6001-421,
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