We offer a special career path for pupils with very good grades: the in-service training in cooperation with KTLA (Kremstaler Technische Lehr-Akademie).

KTLA is a private school for people in employment offering the fields of study toolmaking / production technology and it can be attended during the apprenticeship time. The practical training takes place 3 days a week at the firm, the KTLA training courses take place 2 days a week at the TIZ Kirchdorf / Schlierbach. The 3.5-year training is completed with the final apprenticeship examination for production technician.

Thereafter it is possible to do the HTL-final examination resulting - after 3 years of practical work - in the right to use the title "Ingenieur". People wanting to continue their education, have the possibility to follow up with a 3-year course of studies to become Dipl.-Ing.(FH) parallel to their job. 


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