HAIDLMAIR North America / Toronto -Canada

Employees: 30

Scope of activity:
Highly precision, medium to large moulds for thin-wall applications are the speciality of HAIDLMAIR North America. Additionally the company manufactures moulds for agricultural products, filtration, automotive parts, furniture and shoppng carts.


Sales Representative of HAIDLMAIR in North America and service and repair of injection moulds.

HTM / Szekesfehervar - Hungary

HTM Zrt. was established in 1992 and has been part of the HAIDLMAIR Group since 1993.


Employees: 155

Scope of activity: Mould making for medium-sized moulds up to 10 tons and production of superstructures for pallets-, foldable- and crate moulds up to a size of 2000x2200mm and 17 tons.

HSC (Haidlmair Schlierbach Company) / Schlierbach - Upper Austria

The HAIDLMAIR Schlierbach Company has been part of the HAIDLMAIR group since 2002.

Employees: 15

Scope of activity

Development and manufacture of bending and thermoforming moulds as well as special-purpose components, either one-off or mass production.

FDU Hotrunner / Frankenthal - Germany

FDU Hotrunner has been part of the HAIDLMAIR GROUP since 2019


Employees: 6


Scope of activity:

Manufacturer of open hot-runner nozzle system for injection moulds.

HSCM (Haidlmair Service Center Monheim) / Monheim - Germany

The HAIDLMAIR Service Center Monheim, housed in the premises of the firm of SAS, has been part of the HAIDLMAIR Group since 1999.

Employees: 5

Scope of activity:
Servicing and repair of injection moulds


Directions to HSCM

dataformers / Linz - Upper Austria & Vienna

dataformers has been part of the HAIDLMAIR GROUP since 2016.


Employees: 45


Scope of activity:

Software Engineering, conception and programming of customized software solutions

Testify / Linz - Upper Austria

Testify has been part of the HAIDLMAIR GROUP since 2017.

Employees: 5

Scope of activity:

Development and sales of a software for digitalisation of checklists and issue management

PLAST-IQ / Linz - Upper Austria

PLAST-IQ has been part of the HAIDLMAIR GROUP since 2017.


Employees: 1


Scope of activity:

Complete technical and functional product development including design from the first draft to the industrialized final product for clever and unique design products made of plastic with specific functions. Additionally PLAST-IQ offers the licensing of the use of the moulds and product rights up to the sales of the products.

Digital Moulds / Sierning - Upper Austria

Digital Moulds has been part of the HAIDLMAIR GROUP since 2019.


Employees: 2


Scope of activities:

Supplier of digitalisation solutions for mould making.

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