Company / History

From a blacksmith to world market leader

The success story of HAIDLMAIR starts 1979 with the expansion of the old blacksmith's shop with a mould making shop. HAIDLMAIR has been evolved itself to a technology leader for high performance injection moulds in the meantime.


At the age of 30, Josef Haidlmair takes over the family forge from his father, Friedrich Haidlmair, which at that time has a floor area of 250 m2 and 5 employees, and sets up a mould making department with one employee in the company garage.


Josef Haidlmair begins his search for promising mould making technologies and experiments with wire-EDM technology, which at that time was a new development in electro discharge machining. 


Josef Haidlmair soon recognizes its potential and in the same year invests in his first wire-EDM machine. This marks the beginning of HAIDLMAIR's contract manufacturing service for mould making firms. Further machines follow and the department grows rapidly.


The wire-EDM part of the business is so successful that the mould making department and office have to be extended. The work force in the mould making department increases steadily and the forging side of the business is discontinued.


Only six years after starting out in the toolmaking business, Haidlmair sets up an apprentice-workshop to train his own employees. By 2007, as many as 150 skilled workers have been trained in this workshop, almost all of them remaining with the company.


Extension phase 2: erection of a machine hall and increase in production capacity through the purchase of new machining centres, the aim being the machining of considerably larger workpieces.



The first injection mould for a bottle crate. This marks the beginning of a specialized mould making capability that will ultimately make HAIDLMAIR the market leader in this special field.


Extension phase 3: Construction of an assembly hall and office building. The first large-capacity injection moulding machine (8,000 kN) is purchased for the proving of larger-sized injection moulds.


The first injection mould for collapsible crates. This is a so-called "family mould", in which all five individual parts of the crate can be produced in one single shot.


Extension phase 4: the production floor area is increased to 3,000 m2


HAIDLMAIR recognizes the signs of the times and is one of the first mould making firms to introduce high speed cutting (HSC) technology.


The first injection mould for Euro pallets. This marks the beginning of HAIDLMAIR's competence in the production of large-sized moulds.


Capacity increase through new 5-axis machining centres. From now on, HAIDLMAIR can also handle much larger package orders for bottle crate projects at short notice.


Extension phase 5: HAIDLMAIR builds the firm's own prefabrication facility, at the same time upgrading technology and expanding capacity.


Extension phase 6: Extensions to production and office buildings. Air conditioning in all production buildings.


Extension phase 7: Completion of new office wing. Floor area of design office increased to 230 m2.


Extension phase 8: Size of mould proving facility increased by 1,400 m2. Existing mould proving machines augmented by ENGEL DUO 1500 large-capacity machine.


HAIDLMAIR's new "linear drive machine" is the first one to be put into service in Europe. Thus HAIDLMAIR is now the first company to use CNC machines equipped with highly dynamic linear drives for the considerably more efficient machining of complex geometries.


First injection moulds for "big boxes" (base area 120 x 80 cm / height 100 cm) weighing 38 kg per piece – yet another example of HAIDLMAIR's competence in building large-capacity moulds.


Extension phase 9: An additional CNC production hall (1,500 m²) and a newly built office for work methods improvement and quality management are put into service.


HAIDLMAIR is awarded the title "Mouldmaker of the Year" in the category "External mouldmaking, over 100 employees" in the competition "Excellence in Production" which is organized annually by the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) in Aachen and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology.


Investments into simulation programs (Moldflow) to give our customers the best technical support in the development phase.

Purchases of various new machines in production, upgrade of our internal training facility with a 5-axis-CNC-Centre and 3D-design software for the professional training of our future employees.



30 years of advanced technology
For 30 years HAIDLMAIR has been synonymous with quality, reliability and zest for innovation in tool- and mouldmaking. In this context whe have fundamentally changed our logo and combined it with a CI-adaptation.


HAIDLMAIR present their first E-Roadster with a wheel hub motor, the HAI E3. Further proof for the firm's zest for innovation.



We are delighted about the biggest order in the history of our firm: a large logistics corporation orders 25 injection moulds for collapsible crates, order volume € 10 Mio.
New investments into the modernisation of the machinery.


The completion of the largest and heaviest mould in the history of our firm is renewed proof of our competence in large-scale mould making: mould for a waste container with a total weight nearly 80 tons.


The next generation at the firm: after 33 years as Chief Executive Officer, Josef Haidlmair hands over to his oldest son Mario Haidlmair. After 23 years, sales manager Helmut Fürtbauer hands over his post to Roland Gradauer.

Large-scale reconstruction to the office building and construction of new machine hall with a total area of over 1,000m².


Modernisation of the machinery, big investments in new processing centers and redesign of the production facilities.


Finalist at the competition "Mouldmaker of the year".


Further investments in the infrastructure and machinery to make our products even better.


Anniversary "35 years HAIDLMAIR"


Opening of the HAIDLMAIR Service Center in Kirchdorf an der Krems. This increases the service quality a lot.
HAIDLMAIR invests € 7 Mio. in the factory in Nussbach. Construction of a new office building and a new production hall for CNC-automation.
Further investments in the machinery (CNC-machining centers, grinding machine, injection moulding machine).


HAIDLMAIR wins the category "External Mouldmaker over 50 employees" of the competition "Excellence in Production".


Investments in new technologies (3D-printers for metal and plastics).


HAIDLMAIR closed the "Closed Loop for Engineering" with the investment in the largest industrial computer tomograph.

HAIDLMAIR acquires a measurement technology company and is able to offer wide-ranging services in the field of measurement technology.
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