Advanced Simulations for higher productivity

HAIDLMAIR-moulds always guarantee your „Higher Productivity“. This higher productivity is ensured by the use of materials of the highest quality, the processing with most modern machines and the know-how and the competence of the HAIDLMAIR-specialists.


A simulation will be made with every HAIDLMAIR-mould as a standard procedure during the concept phase. This ensures an optimal product prior to the beginning of the design to avoid unnecessary optimisation loops in the production.


With our additional offer „Advanced Simulations“, we provide you with another possible to perfect your product further more.

Following parameters and process options can be analysed for your „Higher Productivity“:

  • Filling
  • Surface defect prediction
  • Gate location
  • Moulding window
  • Venting analysis
  • Cristallisation analysis
  • Holding pressure
  • Cooling
  • Transient mould cooling or -heating
  • Rapid temperature cycling

  • Warpage

  • Fibre orientation

  • Insert overmoulding

  • In-mould label

  • Two-shot sequential overmoulding

  • Core shift

  • ...and many more

You can benefit from these advantages if you book our compiled packages with your mould order.


We offer you perfectly customised solutions upon request.

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For all additional questions please ask your HAIDLMAIR advisor.
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