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HAIDLMAIR offers the largest industrial-computer tomograph for the use in various industrial sectors.

The computer tomograph YXLON CT.Modular opens up new dimensions for the material analysis, measuring process of various parts (also in assembled condition) and the

possibility to transfer the component directly to 3D-printing.

Yxlon CT.Modular in detail:

  • Fields of application: defect analysis, target-actual comparision, metrology, reverse engineering, fibre analysis
  • 320 kV minifocus X-ray tube and 225 kV microfocus for excellent radiography and highest resolution
  • Line detector for extra-large test parts up to 1.250 mm diameter
  • Scan height up to 1.250 mm
  • Flat-panel detector for fast CT-scans and highest resolution
  • Manifold CT-scanning modes (helix, scanfield extension, vertical CT-san stitching)

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