We have utilized our perfected mould system for medium and large moulds up to a total weight of 70 tons for many years.

Since innovation and advancement are not just empty phrases at HAIDLMAIR, we have constantly expanded our expertise and are now able to produce moulds with a total weight of up to 80 tons, with the usual HAIDLMAIR quality and reliability. 


The outstanding advantage of HAIDLMAIR's mould concept is its "light weight" without any compromise with regard to stability and durability. The comparison with traditional mould concepts shows a weight advantage of up to 50 percent. Accordingly, the outer dimensions are smaller and make the use of injection moulds with smaller tiebar spaces possible. This saves you material and energy and helps you to save costs.


Over the coming years, we aim to further expand this expertise, this requires investments in machines to process larger parts. Investments into a new machine and assembly hall have already been made in order to house these machines. Now we are able to produce large moulds more efficiently and assemble the moulds on-site.


HAIDLMAIR will attempt to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible further over the coming years.


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