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Service is very important for us, therefore our responsibility does not end with the shipping of our moulds. The moulds are checked by us prior to shipping and we are happy to do this in your presence in order to guarantee optimal mould design. We guarantee a certain quantity and are available at any time, if optimizations in the production of the moulds are required.
This is a good precondition to keep the required technical after-sales-service at a minimum. Upon request, however, HAIDLMAIR GROUP's service is available to assist you. In most parts of Europe, our highly qualified experts will visit your factory with our new service bus and take care that your production runs again without any problems. HAIDLMAIR application engineers support and train the customer's technicians in proper operation and maintenance of the injection moulds and die-casting moulds upon request. Our competent experts will be happy to come to you and to help you manufacture the best possible product.


With our International Service we offer you:


Mould assistance:

  • Service and maintenance of HAIDLMAIR-injection moulds on-the-spot and at the HAIDLMAIR-plant in Nußbach or at on of the HAIDLMAIR Servicecenters
  • Service and maintenace of third-party moulds
  • Fast repair of injection molds in case of emergency and operational failures. Our experts will be there within a short time
  • Training for mould maintenance & mould handling

Injection moulding assistance:

  • Telephone support in all questions regarding injection moulding
  • Handover and commissioning of HAIDLMAIR-moulds on-the-spot
  • Injection moulding process consulting
  • Process- and production optimisation to minimise downtimes
  • Training of employees


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Your personal contact to the HAIDLMAIR International Service Team:


  Christian Eckhart

  Head of HAIDLMAIR International Service

  Cell: +43(0)664/8250679

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