Everything under control

Mould Monitoring is the answer from HAIDLMAIR to the challenges of the new interconnected production under Industry 4.0.


It allows an active and comprehensive control of the mould during the injection process. Through the personalised user portal you always have access to documentations of the mould on the one hand and on the other hand you have the injection paramaters (cycle times, piece counter, mould pressures,
temperatures, etc.) at hand, anytime and anywhere. Additionally, in case of necessary maintenance or services you will be notified in time, which eases your planning process.

This way you always have complete control over your mould, no matter where you or your mould are.


Your benefits:

  • Complete control over the injection process (regardless of time and place)
  • Warning in case of critical parameter deviations
  • Documentation of all mould data throughout the entire production cycle
  • Timely notification of eventual maintenance need of the mould


The HAIDLMAIR GROUP company Digital Moulds is the exclusive distributor of Mould Monitoring. More information here.

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