Plastics - & Metal 3D-Printing

HAIDLMAIR has various possibilities in 3D-printing. 2 plastics 3D-printer, one of them is the largest on the market available machine with closed space with FDM-technology. Additionally we recently use a metal 3D-printer of the latest generation.


Data (Plastics 3D-printing):

  • Model: Stratasys Fortus 900mc
  • Build envelope: 914 x 610 x 914 mm
  • Minimal wall thickness: 0,7 mm
  • Accuracy: +- 0,05 mm
  • Up to 13 materials available: standard thermoplasts (ASA, ABS,...), technical thermoplasts (PC, Nylon,...), high performance thermoplasts (Ultem,...)
  • HAIDLMAIR currently uses ASA (available in 10 colours) and Nylon 12 (for flexible uses)

Your benefits (plastics 3D-printing):

  • State of the art technology
  • Contract manufacturing of prototyping parts
  • Prototyping of your products for an optimisation of the mould design

Data (Metal 3D-printer):

  • Model: Concept Laser M2 cusing Multilaser
  • Build envelope: 250 x 250 x 280 mm
  • Manufacturing speed: up to 35 cm³/hour
  • Layer thickness: 20-80 μm
  • Available materials: hot-work steel, stainless steel, aluminium aloys

Your benefits (metal 3D-printing):

  • Unlimited possibilities for conformal cooling
  • Usage of wear-resistant materials at critical cooling areas
  • New ways for inserts insulation
  • Mould performance maximising


Our prototyping expert will be happy to assist you with all your questions:

  Harald Söllner

  Head of HAIDLMAIR Prototyping

  Tel: +43(0)7587/6001-163

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